Be Still


Heart break.


Right now, these words sum up my life. A weird combination, I know. Several weeks ago, I lost my Uncle, this week I have my first college finals, I have an interview for a job this school year a week and three days from now, and training for a summer job three weeks and a day from now.

Losing my Uncle has become hard to accept and frankly, leaves my heart feeling somewhat broken. The first round of college finals and an upcoming job interview create stress. And the training for my job this summer fills me with excitement.

It’s a bit overwhelming at times.

But through the past weeks of overwhelming emotion, I have felt God reminding me to just be still (Ps. 46:10) and trust Him.

Be still and know that I am God.

These words keep flooding my thoughts in the moments of loss, heartbreak, stress, and excitement.

Eight words that can be summed up into just two: Trust Me.

God has been asking me to do something that I actually have a hard time doing. He’s asking me to trust Him, and to know that He’s going to handle everything.

I know God works in mysterious ways, so the fact that I don’t really know what to expect what is going to happen makes it difficult to trust, or more importantly to understand how or why things happen.

The best way I’ve learned to be still or trust God is through prayer.

Before I was offered the job that I’ll have this summer, I was constantly praying about it and reflecting on what Jesus said during His agony in the garden: “Not My will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). This was probably one of the first times that I’d ever pretty much completely surrendered my will, simply because I wanted His will for me instead. I wanted the better choice, and it just so happened that my will — what I wanted — was also what He wanted for me.

So it has definitely become easier for me to completely trust God when things are good, or what I want to do. But what if they’re not what I want to do? What then? I have one simple answer and I hope that I’ll remember this during those times:

God the Father simply wants what’s best for us — His children. So if something we want doesn’t work out the way we planned, it was because God has something better in store for us down the road.

I pray that whoever reads this knows that God loves them and He only has their best interest at heart.

Be still and know that God will take care of you.




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