“…to uphold the dignity of every woman…”

Two weeks ago at RCIA class at my parish, our priest talked about how women (especially referring to teenage girls) shouldn’t wear tight clothing to mass (especially leggings). And I totally agree with him 100% on that. He said they shouldn’t because it’s inappropriate for Mass and because it can cause men to fall into sin.

Yesterday, I found an article on Lifeteen that was entitled, “Leggings: A Catholic Man’s Perspective.”

It was such an amazing article that talked about how by wearing leggings without a long shirt to cover your butt, it can cause men to look lustfully at a woman, and that by dressing modestly (not wearing leggings as pants) you can help guys around you live out chastity.

“Many of my brothers struggle with pornography and are still trying to rewire their brains to be clean from all the horrible things they’ve seen in porn. When a woman in real life walks by in an immodest outfit — say, a crop top, something low cut, something sheer, or something very tight (like leggings), the visual parts of those body parts can recall images from porn to the front of their brains. It’s extremely hard to purify the brain, and we desperately need your help.” (David Leininger; Lifeteen)

People probably think I’m too traditional because I still believe in dressing modestly. Not just during Mass, but all the time. I don’t want to lead others into an occasion of sin. Jesus even says in the bible, “If anyone causes these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck and thrown into the sea.” (Matthew 18:6) Some people may use the argument that “Oh well, he didn’t specifically say “lust”,but it can be applied to any sin.

Like I said, I thought it was a good article, so I shared it on Facebook — my mistake. I had over 19 comments on that post. I’m so glad that one of my friends came out and said,

“… as a man it’s very hard to live chastity in today’s society. Yes we should have self control, but it helps a lot if you don’t wear leggings.”

I know today’s society has warped the rules and beliefs of a lot of people, but I still stand on the truth. I believe that every person has great dignity and worth. We live in a world where women are often looked at as sex objects as opposed to human beings. This is why I continue my promise of chastity until marriage, I have value, I have worth. In this day and age girls and guys settle for one night stands and think that’s an okay thing. Children are born out of wedlock and often times, the father isn’t in the picture, leaving the mother alone to raise the child. How can people be okay with this?

I know my point escalated, but where does it stop? When will it stop? When will women respect themselves enough to put on clothing that doesn’t show cleavage or that isn’t skin tight? Help your brothers in Christ out ladies. It’s not enough to pray for them if you’re causing them to fall back into sin.

I had some arguments saying that “men are capable of self control.” Well, they certainly are, I agree. But self control is something that takes discipline, it doesn’t just happen in an instant.

Saint John Paul II said:

“It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman.”

Shouldn’t women help uphold the dignity of every man too? In my opinion it should really go both ways. We, as women, should help men live lives of chastity too.

 But please, just have enough respect for yourself and your body to keep it covered. You are first a child of God before you are anything else. Remember that.

Totus Tuus.



2 thoughts on ““…to uphold the dignity of every woman…”

  1. You know, I think it is perfectly okay to have a conversation about what is appropriate and tasteful to wear to Mass, for both men and women. I would disagree that a woman wearing leggings causes men to fall in to sin. I was also born and raised Catholic. I wore a tasteful and modest school uniform for 12 years while I attended Catholic school. While out of school fashions tended to be more modest than they are now. Simply following someone else’s notion of what is modest and appropriate does not ensure men will treat you with dignity, or prevent men from having lustful thoughts.


    1. I agree, but at Mass, you’re there for Jesus, and you shouldn’t dress immodestly anyways. I’m not following what someone else thinks on modesty, because I believed it before anyone said anything. And they didn’t say that leggings are bad, they just said they shouldn’t be worn as pants, because they’re not pants.


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