Come Back Home.

Sacrament: Outward sign instituted by Christ to give us Grace.

Lately, in my parish, and diocese we have been encouraged to Evangelize, to bring people back to the Catholic Church and her sacraments. I’ve also personally been struggling with mental illness, and you’ll see how these things tie together in a minute.

I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016. I’m getting ready to start college and things have really been stressing me out, and for other reasons, I admitted myself.

I’ve been trying to bring people my age that are fallen away Catholics back to the Catholic Church, and I’ve been praying the Rosary for their conversion.

When I went into the hospital, the first thing that I did was call my parish rectory asking for my priest to bring me communion and anointing of the sick. The whole time I was there I was either doing liturgy of the hours,  reading religious material, or praying my Rosary for the conversion of fallen away Catholics.

Even though it was a 100 mile round trip for my priest, he still came and saw me, and gave me anointing of the sick and Holy Communion. I cannot even explain the joy and happiness I felt after receiving Anointing of the Sick and Jesus Himself. My priest and I talked for a while and then he left.

Shortly after he left, I felt a tugging that I had to go talk to this one particular girl that was also there, because earlier she had said she was an atheist. So, I got up and went to try to talk to her. To make a long story short, I got too nervous and didn’t bring it up, not yet any ways.

Later on, her and I were sitting in the hallway and she was talking about her son, and why she picked the name she did. I told her that I already have names picked out for my children (not pregnant or expecting anytime soon). I told her that the name I picked out was John Paul after St. John Paul II. She talked about how she knew who that was and for some reason started talking about St. Catherine of Siena.

I thought to myself: St. Catherine of Siena? How does she know who St. Catherine of Siena is? So, I asked her, and she told me she was raised Catholic.

I found this ironic, because I had talked to my priest about how I felt personally called by God to bring people back to the Church, and because I had been praying for her and her conversion before I even knew her.

We talked and I told her: “you know, we miss you. The Catholic Church misses you. I go to Mass every weekend and I feel like I see fewer and fewer people filling the pews. We need you.”

She told me she envied my faith in God and I told her that it took a lot of prayer to get me where I am, and encouraged her to pray for faith.

It was also ironic that she started talking about St. Catherine of Siena, because I’m currently obsessed with her and had her prayer card sitting in my room, literally feet away from where we were. I gave it to her and told her to take it, because I knew God was telling me that she needed it more than I did.

God works in such mysterious ways. Please keep her in your prayers.

Totus Tuus ❤


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